• We have inter library borrowing facilities with following institutions

i)                Karnatak University Dharwad

ii)               K.L.E society’s BVB College of Eng & Tech, Hubli.

iii)             College of Pharmacy

iv)             J.G.College of Commerce

v)               S.J.M.V.S,Women’s College

vi)             P.C.Jabin Science College

vii)           BBA/MBA Institutes

viii)          G.K.Law College

ix)             J.S.S College,Dharwad

x)               Goodnews First garde college Kalagataghi

xi)             Government First Grade College Raj Nagar Hubli.

xii)           Dr.R.H.Kulkarni memorial library Hubli.

xiii)          Shankar arts College Navalgund.

xiv)          Karnatak State Law University Hubli.

xv)           V.V Sangh Hubli.



Access, Use and Security of Materials of the library.


Library is kept open from 8.00am to 6.00pm for the proper use of the existing facilities in the library. We have been making use of OPAC system, with the help of which the readers will come to know the availability of the resource. The library staff monitors the security and safe keeping of the library materials.



To track the activities of the students and for having a better security system in the library, Close circuit T V system is installed.


Other information services provided by the library to its user’s.


i). Current Awareness Service

ii). Provides information regarding conferences/seminars/refresher/Orientaion courses to staff and          students.

iii) Provides information to students about Quiz, Essay. Debate, Elocation etc Competions.        organized by other institutions / NGO’s.

iv)  Information regarding carrier guidance and employment opportunities.

v)   Information about scholarship.


The following members are entitled to enroll themselves as members of the library; 

  • Enrolled Students of SK Arts College & HSK Science Institute Faculty/All Staff Members of SK Arts College & HSK Science Institute
  • Visiting/Part-Time Faculty of. SK Arts College & HSK Science Institute